It all started back in 2004 in a little town called Troy, Ohio. Chadminton was first conceived by bored high school students who thought lacrosse looked like an interesting sport but had no access to play. After several prototypes and a move to Ohio State, Chadminton finally made its debut when seven college students first put pillow to scoop in 2006. From there, Chadminton slowly began to build momentum, gaining more and more players. By 2009, students were able to participate in a legitimate Chadminton intramural league. At its peak, the OSU Chadminton club had over 50 active members!
Now we're in the midst of a Chadminton revolution - our group is back and better than ever. Come be a part of Chadminton history!
May 2004
Chadminton is born out of extreme boredom. High school students imagined a game like lacrosse that was inexpensive, but also wanted to add twists to make it different. This led to the idea of the chad, a player whose equipment differed radically from the rest of their teammates.
March 2006
After a hiatus, new chadminton equipment was developed and tested.
May 2006
The first chadminton game is finally played with seven people. Because of the odd number of players, a chadminton staple was born; the roaming chad is a player who plays for neither team but merely causes chaos for both.
April 2007
Chadminton becomes a regular weekly activity among a group of friends, and establishes itself as a spring sport.
July 2007
The inaugural Chadminton Summer Conference and Tournament is held in Columbus, allowing players to come together over summer break to play Chadminton.
September 2007
The Chadminton Club at OSU is founded and begins the (long) process of becoming an official Ohio State organization. Following a reasonably successful trip to the OSU Involvement Fair, a handful of new recruits are brought in for a fall season of pickup games.
March 2008
Chadminton continues its growth by hosting larger and larger pickup games throughout the spring, eventually reaching numbers too big for everyone to play at once.
September 2008
Another year of recruiting, another year of more and more people coming to play during the fall pickup games. It is decided that in the spring, the club will host its own recreational league.
March 2009
The inaugural season of the Ohio State Chadminton League (OSCL) begins with four teams - the Pittsburgh Polar Bears, Baltimore Oreos, Maine Rock Lobsters, and Washington Blueskins.
March 2010
The second season of OSCL takes place with four new teams - the Portland Platypi, Columbus Clue, Hartford Moonwhalers, and Memphis Hound Dogs.
March 2011
The OSCL reaches its all time high in membership, fielding six teams! The Seattle Sasquatch, Philadelphia Cheesesteaks, California Raisins, Georgia Fightin' Peaches, Boston Massacre, and Idaho Couch Potatoes.
March 2012
Another season of OSCL play, but back to four teams - the Pittsburgh Pierogies, Utah Jazz Hands, Buffalo Buffalo, and Colorado Mavericks.
March 2013
The final season of OSCL begins, featuring the Louisville Sluggers, Las Vegas Nights, Seattle Downpour, and Portland Platypi.
August 2016
Chadmin10 - A special celebration takes place to celebrate the 10th birthday of Chadminton. Players old and new come together to play again.
March 2017
After a few years of playing only twice or thrice a year, a new Chadminton club is formed from the ashes of the old.
July 2017
Chadminton's first media appearance on The Beer Monger Sessions
August 2017
11th Annual Chadminton Summer Conferece and Tournament
September 2017
First ever indoor Chadminton games!